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guest-artist/Designer agreement

iHC/KCW Labs

Welcome to IHC/KCW Labs.

We want this to be easy-come easy-go, with no commitments unless requested by you, the artists. Join. Cancel. Join Again. No Problem. We have one mission. See WHY we do what we do @ iHC/KCW.

The Agreement:

In no way does KeepCryptoWeird.com (iHeartCrypto DBA FL) maintain control or ownership of a “Guest-Artist,” “Designers” artworks or designs. By joining PRINTFUL.com’s as a “designer” and/or by uploading any designs/artworks to KeepCryptoWeird.com (iHeartCrypto DBA FL) in NO WAY transfers ownership or control from any invited “Designer”/”Guest-Artist” to KeepCryptoWeird.com (iHeartCrypto DBA FL). All copyrights and control thereof remain in the full control of the original creator/uploader/designer. Any uploads or collaborations with KeepCryptoWeird.com (iHeartCrypto DBA FL) can and will be terminated at the “Designer”/”Guest-Artists” request within 24hours. All agreed-to sums will be paid to artists immediately.

Archive this page with a third party service (Such as The Way Back Machine) and print for your records.

Contact us for more information or to apply for collaboration below:

iHC/KCW Team | Team@KeepCryptoWeird.com