ØLDGRANPA’S_Garage (2-22-22 Drop)

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Dropping 2-22-22

11:30pm UTC (6:30pm EST)

34 ADA @ 500-1000 NFTS (Tier 1)

ØLDGRANPA’S_Garage NFT ownership includes full commercial copyright privileges @ billions of $RK (Ratking.io) Tokens with each mint.


Use your commercial copyright privileges to print & sell high-quality art & Cardano merchandise while you own your ØGG asset. Make a return while spreading the message about the Cardano ecosystem. All we ask is to attribute @CNFT_Pinups to drive demand for other ØGG owners.

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Each Oldgranpa’s_Garage NFT will also come with BILLIONS of $RK (RATKING Tokens)