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ØLDGRANPA’S_PINUPS CNFT ownership includes the commercial copyright privileges (See Below)


Hard-capped to a Maximum of 1908 CNFTS now availible only on the secondary markets.


Tier 1: SOLD OUT 742 CNFTS in just over 24 hours

Raising $5017 USD for FisherHouse.org (supporting military families)

[See: fisherhouse.org/campaign/cnft_pinups]


Tier 2: 637 unique CNFTS SOLD

$2715 USD from Tier 2 was donated to k9sforwarriors.org


Tier 3: 11/12 at 8pm UTC

532 unique CNFTs SOLD-OUT in 24 hours

$2354 USD from Tier 3 was donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

[nationalpcf.org Receipt ID: 16437 Nov 14 2021]


Please Note: There will be no “Second Season” or “v2.0” etc.


Commercial Uses:

Use your commercial copyright privileges to print & sell high-quality art & Cardano merchandise while you own your ØGP asset. Make a return while spreading the message about the Cardano ecosystem. All we ask is to attribute @CNFT_Pinups to drive demand for other ØGP owners.

More info in our Discord (#Commercial-uses)

48×48 canvas by print-on-demand service Pictorem.com

Mint it. Print It. Sell It.


POLICY ID: a9996462a84e34fec50db0407e48b8e5df78533314a705b850020012

Artworks by Øldgranpa (feat. Peter Driben)